Nurses & Doctors on Call Volunteer Page

Sunday December 22 and Sunday December 22

(Various time slots from 07:00am on December 22 to 02:00am on December 22)

Nurses & Doctors on Call

WHAT: Nurses & Doctors on Call Volunteer
WHEN: Monday December 24th & Tuesday December 25th (Various time slots from 7:00AM on December 24th to 10:00AM on December 25th).
WHERE: Downtown Dallas Omni Hotel


If you are a Nurse or a Doctor, we already know you have a ‘Servants Heart.’ You’ve chosen one of the most noble of professions in order to be of service to your fellow man.

We need your help! As you can imagine with 500 homeless men, women AND children in attendance some may have a minor medical issue that would require your attention. (Any serious medical issues will be reported immediately to emergency services).

Our prayer is that there would be no medical issues whatsoever but your presence would be comforting to all attendees.

So please come and be guardian angels of our homeless guests so that they can fully experience what could be the most magical Christmas of their lives. And when it’s over you may have well experienced the most magical Christmas of your own life!

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