Bus Crew Volunteer Page

Sunday December 20

(from 06:00am - 09:30am)

Bus Crew

WHAT: Bus Crew Volunteer
WHEN: Sunday December 20th from 6:00AM to 9:30AM
WHERE: SoupMobile Church 2423 S. Good Latimer, Dallas 75215.


Are you up for a totally ‘Off the chain’ Christmas volunteer opportunity? If so, look no further!

Join the SoupMan in the early hours of the morning of Sunday December 22nd and board one of the #8 huge gleaming busses that will head out all over Dallas to pick up our 500 homeless guests. They will be our special guests for Christmas at the spectacular downtown Dallas Omni Hotel. Bus Crew volunteers have a crucial role in the event. It’s your job to help the SoupMan pick up our homeless guests, help them get seated, brief them on the upcoming morning events AND make them feel incredibly welcome.

Once we have all our homeless guests on board all the busses will regroup and as a convoy we will travel to the downtown Dallas Omni Hotel. The busses will be led by an official police type motorcycle escort. Wow, talk about neat!

Once we arrive at the Omni you will help our homeless guests get off the busses and escort them to the official Red Carpet that will be awaiting them as them make their walk into the Omni Hotel. The Bus Crew volunteer experience is like none other. Come and help the SoupMan give 500 precious homeless guests a start to the most magical Christmas of their lives!

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