Banquet Red Carpet Volunteer Page

Sunday December 20

(from 12:15pm - 02:15pm)

WHAT: Banquet Red Carpet                                                                                                                           WHEN: Sunday December 20th from 12:00 Noon to 2:00PM
WHERE: Downtown Dallas Omni Hotel


Imagine that during the Christmas Season on Sunday December 22nd that there is a Red Carpet laid out ‘inside’ the downtown Dallas Omni Hotel. (Just like at the Academy Awards). Now imagine that you are one of the more than 1,000 volunteers who are clapping & cheering for our homeless guests as they are walking that Red Carpet to their mega banquet and stage show that is being held in their honor in the Dallas Omni Ballroom.

Further imagine that you will be following our homeless guests into the ballroom into your own specially assigned side seating so that you can also enjoy the stage show. This year’s show features the 'LETTERS FROM HOME' singers, a patriotic musical group that tours the world to honor our Veterans & Armed Service members.

And as a special bonus our Master of Cermonies will be none other than Jeff Crilley—formerly of Fox 4 fame. And it’s rumored that you might also hear a few words from that SoupMan guy. All in all this is your opportunity to help us give our homeless guests the most magical Christmas of their lives. You may very well end up having the most magical Christmas of your own LIFE