Morning Red Carpet Sponsor


Morning Red Carpet Sponsor

Dear SoupFriend,

Imagine if you will #8 gleaming busses pulling up to the spectacular downtown Dallas Omni Hotel at 9:00AM on Christmas Eve morning--Saturday December 24, 2016. Further imagine that on those busses are 500 homeless men, women and children with their noses pressed to the window anticipating the most magical Christmas of their lives.

Take your imagination a step further and imagine that awaiting our 500 homeless guests is a 1,000 foot Red Carpet—just like at the Academy Awards. Finally imagine that this Red Carpet is lined by more than a thousand volunteers who are clapping and cheering as our homeless guests get off their busses and walk the Red Carpet into the hotel.

The Queen of England could come to the Omni and NOT get a welcome as spectacular as we give to our 500 homeless guests. It's truly a Rock Star welcome for our homeless guests!

If the Lord lays it on your heart to be a Morning Red Carpet Sponsor at the SoupMobile’s 12th Annual Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala please contact the SoupMan at With your permission your sponsorship will be noted in the Christmas program and other event signage. Your contribution of $10,000 is Tax Deductible.

May the Lord bless & keep you!

David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan
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